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Sign up today for our free 12 week challenge 'Build Your App in 12 Weeks'. Over the course of 12 weeks you will learn how to design your app, build your app using online tools, and connect with other app builders just like yourself. The best part? It's completely FREE.

This is perfect for you if...

  • You have an idea for your own app, but you don’t know how to bring it to life

  • You’re creative, but maybe you don’t have any technical skills

  • You have launched something before, and you’re up for a challenge!

  • You’ve tried finding a developer, but found they’re too expensive

  • You are brave, and willing to try!

  • You have a growth mindset


The Course Content

Do you have a cool app idea you’d love to launch? Don’t know how to code? No problem!

Week 1 - Entrepreneurial Mindset & Idea generation techniques

Week 2 - Customer Needs & Building A Prototype

Week 3 - Building a One Page Website

Week 4 - 1:1 Coaching

Week 5 - Collecting Customer Emails

Week 6 - Adding New Features

Week 7 - 1:1 Coaching

Week 8 - Setting Up Your Analytics

Week 9 - Peer to Peer Workshops

Week 10 - 1:1 Coaching

Week 11 - Showcase Your App!

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"Working with OneTech on building out my app with no-code tools saved me literally thousands! I was able to build and launch my app myself in a few short weeks instead of waiting months and paying big sums to developers. Thanks so much OneTech!"

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Nana is the founder of Tectonic, a boutique firm that helps businesses understand who their customers are, and what they actually need. Nana has been an entrepreneur for 8 years, raising six figure investments for his companies. Previously he worked and consulted in IT led organisations such as Fujitsu and Rackspace. His passion is helping businesses focus on customer needs to reduce their cost of acquisition, and grow their revenues.

Dan Parry is the co-founder of Tectonic, a customer research company in London and a no-code builder in the wellbeing space. Dan has built over twenty apps with tools like Glide, Zapier and Bubble in the last year alone. He is a member of a number of reputable No-Code communities including 100 Days Of No Code, On Deck No-Code, and Makerpad and runs two no-code Masterminds.

Nana Parry

Dan Parry

Co Founder - Tectonic London

Co Founder - Tectonic London


Katrina Young - 2020 Cohort